Welcome to the Cork Butter Museum database.

This database contains material on the subject areas that concern the Butter Museum, which can include, food, farming, the folklore of food, the historic food trade and the modern dairy industry, to list but a few.

The information is contained in different formats. Many of the scholarly articles are ultimately housed on the online repository, JStor, which is not an open access repository. Visitors to that site must either purchase the article in question or use a network, such as a library service, that has access to JStor.

Three search options are offered; browse the contents list, search by data type (audio, image, etc) or just enter a search term in the search box. Please remember that the search does not search the actual documents, just the Directory and File titles.

The database includes only material that Butter Museum has come across in the course of its activities. It does not claim to be comprehensive in the subject areas it references. However, we hope that it a useful aid for anyone researching the wonderful world of Irish food.

Happy Hunting!